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Food and Drink

Vegetarian alternatives to popular foods

If you want to try out a vegetarian lifestyle it could be very helpful to alter your current diet. If you’re a huge fan of pizza try making your next pizza vegetarian. There are pizza crusts with vegetables and even dough made of cauliflower! Did you know that these pizzas are a lot healthier than normal pizza dough? A large sized pizza made of cauliflower dough contains almost 500 calories less than a normal pizza.

You can’t go wrong with pasta

When you’re a huge fan of italian cuisine and you want to try eating totally meat free pasta is a great way of doing so. The thing about pasta is that you can add anything you would like. For example you can add some mushrooms in combination with vegetables or cheeses. 

Asian style cooking

Whenever you think of the Asian cuisine you probably think about fresh fish, exotic foods or wok dishes. But did you know that asian countries use a lot of vegetables in their dishes? Search online for the best vegetarian dishes and make your own version of Miso Soup, Ramen Noodles or any type of wok oriented dish. This type of cooking also likes to make use of fermented vegetables. 

Let’s get Italian

If you’re a fan of Italian dishes we have something in store for you! You could visit a well-known pizza restaurant or try to make something yourself. Italian cooking is known for its usage of fresh ingredients, vegetables and a lot of oil. Get cooking with tomatoes, fresh herbs and lots of love. Create your own healthy pizzas, pasta dishes or 

Take a step out of your comfort zone

You don’t always need a recipe when you’re cooking. The next time you see delicious fresh vegetables while shopping, take them home with you. Try to make something yourself and create a whole new dish. What we like to do is see what type of ingredients and vegetables are on sale and we create something with them. This way we eat a great variety of dishes and save a lot of money on groceries. So don’t be afraid to fail and get cooking! If you’re still in doubt about cooking without a recipe, online there are many recipes to be found. You can check forums, blogs and social media for the best recipes out there.