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Magnetic Robot Tank Cleaning: Why Is It Always Preferable?

When it comes to tank cleaning, robots are the most elegant answer. Using new, cutting-edge procedures and equipment, the operator may avoid being in the line of fire. The striker, Brokk, and crawler are three of our newest additions.

The crawler is a magnetic robot that can be remotely controlled to move backward and forwards on metal surfaces, such as a tank. As a result, the operator is kept far out of harm’s way.

The crawler is about 60 cm by 80 cm in aluminum. It can clean with high pressure, remove anti-corrosion coatings, and go along rails. The more than ten magnets make the water very sticky, letting the water pressure get very high.

How Does It Work?

From outside the tanks, operators use remote controls to operate the robots. Human personnel will never have to enter a limited space again since the robot can do the job quicker than anybody.

Additionally, robots are capable of cleaning tanks more thoroughly than human employees. The decontamination process is expedited when industrial tanks are cleaned by robots rather than people. Robots may be sprayed with cleaners before and after tank cleaning.

Humans, on the other hand, require particular training and additional chemicals for proper decontamination. Eco-robots are the best choice for cleaning dangerous, restricted locations like industrial tanks.

Cost Reduction

Robotic tank cleaning saves time and money for plant managers. The use of tank-cleaning robots comes at an initial expense, but the crew’s safety is well worth it.

If you can’t afford to buy a tank-cleaning robot altogether, leasing is a reasonable and widespread alternative in the business.

Human employees can’t keep up with the speed and precision that robots provide, and they also make fewer errors in the process. When it comes to robots, there are no breaks and they may operate at any hour of the day or night. They don’t require any kind of protective clothing, and they don’t need any kind of lighting or temperature control.

Considering the cost of human life, tank cleaning robots are priceless. Reduced risk to crew members and a faster completion time are some of the advantages of using these tools. Human workers are able to keep their productivity at a reasonable level because they can focus on the work they were hired to do.

As an added benefit, your workers will understand that their safety is a key concern.

Lead The Sector with Robotic Solutions

There are various advantages to employing tank cleaning robots. They remove human personnel from potentially lethal confined-space circumstances at the top of the list of benefits. Tank cleaning robots are more efficient and less expensive than human labor.

They don’t need to be taught, protected by safety gear, or given a break. They are self-sufficient. What’s the holdup? Change to robotic tank cleaning now and become an industry leader. Read further on