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Knee support from Podobrace

Are you in need of a knee brace? Look no further than Podobrace. Here in our assortment, there are numerous collections of knee braces from some of the leading brands in the market such as Bauerfeind, Novamed and Push. We have a team of specialists that have carefully selected our braces and approved them for use. Knee supports come in various designs and our braces come in 3 protection levels which are:

  • Level 1: Is colored green and it offers basic protection.
  • Level 2: Is colored orange and it offers advanced protection.
  • Level 3: Is colored red and offers the highest level of protection.

How does a knee support work?

The support of a knee brace is necessary to help deal with knee complaints such as overstretching and overuse. By wearing a knee brace it supports your knee and it will not make certain movements that result in pain.

When can I wear a knee support?

It is highly recommended for you to wear your knee brace when you are experiencing these complaints. For the best results and effect, you should wear your knee brace only at the moments that you are experiencing complaints.

Will I move normally with a knee support?

Yes, you will. You can even walk and work as you normally do. It is also possible to engage in your sportive activities such as running and cycling are all possible.

Do you want to buy a knee support?

If you wish to buy a knee support you can place an order easily in our webshop. At the bottom of each product, there is a size chart and it allows you to see which brace best suits you. For the best results, you should pick the correct size knee support.