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How to Get Gold Fast in WOW Classic

Knowing everything about how to earn and invest your money is essential if you want to improve your character in WoW Classic since without enough money you will not be able to make your character overcome the most complicated missions or be able to join the strongest teams.

As it happens in real life, buying a little and selling a lot is the key to making your economy grow, but sometimes as simple as it sounds it can become complicated, especially when there are so many things to buy and it is so difficult to make money.

Completing tasks through shopping operations or choosing well the types of items you need are just two of the things that we will explain in this article, so we recommend you continue reading to know everything you need to get fast gold in WoW Classic.

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Let’s get started with this quick guide.

The best way to get gold in WoW Classic is by becoming a tank, as it allows you to get a large amount of money in a short time and rewards of great value that will help you to improve your character at the same time that you get a lot of gold.

Also, if the items you get as a reward do not convince you, you always have the option to sell them and generate even more money, so every minute spent being a tank will be worth it when you try to make some money.

In turn, being a tank will make you an attractive option to other players for going on to the most difficult raids, which will allow you to obtain the rewards of these raids and have better equipment that later will help you to embark on more difficult missions.

On the other hand, you can also spend your time getting special items and Pandaria is a good area to start your search since there are medium difficulty challenges that many players have completed without problems, but that will give you very valuable rewards.

In fact, many WoW Classic players are dedicating their time only to obtain the most difficult and expensive items in the game in order to generate more money, not because they are interested in using them, so this indicates the potential of this wise strategy.

Logically, another factor that should not be neglected is unnecessary purchases. You must analyze each of the things you are going to buy and the usefulness that the objects will have in the long term or if it will be possible to sell them later when you no longer need them.

If you take all the information into account, you will surely be able to duplicate the gold you get in one day. Of course, do not expect to have the same amount of money that you have in WoW Shadowlands, since generating money in WoW Classic is much more complicated.