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How to easily improve bad habits

Yes, we all have them: bad habits that we just can’t get rid of. No, the solutions for this are not always easy, but with small steps at the same time you can go a long way. We have listed 3 bad habits and come up with solutions to keep them going.

Quit smoking

If anything is difficult, it’s quitting smoking. However, it is better for your health in the long run. You can stop in one go, but you will soon feel like a cigarette again. That is of course hard to resist. You can also choose to scale it down slowly or switch to an alternative such as the Max Starry. If you really want to stop smoking, you could also use gums to calm your need of nicotine.

Sports and sitting still

Do you always have the motivation to go to the gym? No? We neither. Nevertheless, it is important to exercise regularly, preferably at least half an hour a day. There are two ways to slightly lower the threshold to exercise. Divide your ‘exercise time’ over the day and over the week. This way, exercising becomes part of your routine and you are less likely to skip a session. For example, walk 15 minutes before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner. This helps you to clear your head for the next part of the day and you can also occasionally use the Max Starry as a reward.


You don’t have to drink alcohol every day for this problem. You may also find it difficult to set boundaries at parties. Do you want to work on this? It can help to be the chauffeur every now and then. This way you force yourself not to drink alcohol at all or to really stick to one beer. Your friends will be grateful you are doing this for them.