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Guess Who’s Back to Madden NFL 21? Colin Kaepernick!

Are you a Madden NFL 21 player and a fan of Colin Kaepernick? Then we have some good news for you. The famous player is back in the game. You can use Kaepernick in Franchise and Play Now modes. If you want to play in Franchise mode, you can have this player in your team. Players can start a new franchise with their preferred team. They can be owners or coaches.

To get Colin for your franchise team, you need to look for free agents and use the quarterback filter. Don’t forget to select the live roster file when you begin your franchise journey. Get Kaepernick before week one, else you might lose him to the computer-controlled teams.

You will notice that this player has the highest OVR as a free agent quarterback. The OVR is 81. This value is based on his performance and the ratings simulations. As you know, Kaepernick hasn’t been in the NFL since 2016 so he hasn’t been playing in games for a few years. This factor is also taken into consideration.

If you remember him from previous EA SPORTS Madden NFL games then you know that his OVR used to be 89. His areas of expertise were performance in the playoff and mobility. He also had a good proportion between touchdown and interception. Franchise mode puts players in control. This means that you will be able to change his ratings. You can even make him a 99 OVR player.

A Kaepernick item is also available in The Yard. This is a new Madden NFL 21 mode that is based on backyard football. It allows players to create a personalized avatar using the CAP system. CAP stands for create a player. If you want a free jersey for your player, make sure to get the Nike Kaepernick Icon Jersey 2.0.

This year’s game also comes with signature celebrations. You have the chance to do a Kaepernick animation. The move was chosen by the man himself. After you do a big play or a touchdown, you can raise your fist to celebrate. This move is attributed to Kaepernick as part of his social activism campaign. He did this move during his last season in the NFL.

Kaepernick chose to protest by not standing up while the anthem was played. His campaign led to some divergences that ended with him leaving the NFL. Players are happy to see him returning in Madden NFL 21. Are you happy to see his coming back? Visit MUTeamGo for more Madden 21 coins and player cards for your team.