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Crash course on ANPR

The automatic number plate recognition system, or ANPR for short, is a technological system that scans and captures the information of number plates and saves that information. The one who most notably uses this traffic management system is law enforcement. They use this system to be able to do their jobs efficiently, quicker, and reliably. Big businesses are also able to use this system for business site management. Using optical character recognition, the ANPR system can distinguish the data on the number plates of vehicles as they pass by.

The uses of ANPR

When businesses are using the automatic number plate recognition system, they mainly use it to be able to manage the parking spaces they have available on site. They also can use it to maintain their security. When it is law enforcement uses the ANPR system, they use it for finding vehicles which have been reported as missing or stolen. They can also use the data they save with the system to apprehend criminals that are evading the law. This system, as you can tell, is a flexible one. Many objectives can be met using it and it can even be used in rural as well as urban areas.

How it works

The automatic number plate recognition system is made up of a few parts. The main part is the camera, this is what is accountable for taking the images of the number plates and getting that initial data. Once the images are taken, the optical character recognition software system then analyzes the images. The registration data of the captured number plate images will then be extracted. After all of that, the data will be saved into a database for either later or immediate use.

ANPR advantages

There is a good deal of advantages to using the automatic number plate recognition system. This comes as no surprise as if law enforcement uses it, it must be that good. These are a few advantages that are seen as the most important ones when using this system.

  • As a security system, it is a more refined and reliable choice

  • The versatility of the system makes it useable by diverse organizations as well as circumstances 

  • Traffic flow can become less congested using this system

  • Human error will be little to nonexistent

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