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Everything you need to know about the weed vs. alcohol discussion

The weed vs. alcohol discussion had been going on for years. There have always been and always will be supporters of alcohol and supporter of weed. It’s a bit like Apple vs. Android. Apple fans claim Apple is the best just like Android fans say Android phones can do the same as Apple’s, but better and cheaper. Let’s go back to the weed vs. alcohol discussion. People who don’t like weed claim that the substance is super bad and also addictive, but multiple researches show that alcohol is the most addictive out of the two. Scientist are not claiming weed is less addictive than weed though. The fact is, scientist simply don’t know. They don’t know because there has been research done on alcohol for years, but the research on weed is quite new. 


The effects

In case you are interested in weed, you have to be sure you are taking the right stuff. Whether you use hash or weed, there is not much of a difference. Both are made from the same plant, but weed is the dried flower and hash is the compressed resin of that same flower. Both hash and weed can provide a fun and relaxed feeling. But when you are sensitive for anxiety or panic attacks, both can trigger these attacks. It is more like though to get a panic attack while smoking weed than when smoking hash. Now let’s go back to the weed vs. alcohol. Under influence of either of the two psychological complaints can get worse. If you are struggling with these complaints you can worsen them when you use either weed or alcohol. Both also have an negative effect on your memory and are less good for the heart. Both can provoke aggressiveness, but the chance is way bigger when drinking alcohol than when smoking weed.


Want to use weed?

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