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Beauty and Personal Care

At Van Lennep Kliniek, you can count on natural and beautiful results

Do you look tired or older because of wrinkles or a frown? Would you like to freshen up your face and thereby your self-confidence? Injectables are a good solution for this. They can make you look the way you feel, prevent skin aging and can accentuate a certain look or contour in your face.

A leading clinic where you can have anti-wrinkle treatments and skin enhancing treatments with injectables performed is Van Lennep Clinic. The clinic has branches in The Hague, Wassenaar and Oegstgeest.

The cosmetic doctors who work at Van Lennep Clinic are all highly trained and possess the appropriate certifications and diplomas. For example, every doctor at Van Lennep Clinic carries the title of cosmetic doctor KNMG (The Royal Dutch Society for the Advancement of Medicine) and is an accredited member of the NVCG (The Dutch Society for Cosmetic Medicine). All doctors regularly attend refresher courses to keep them up to date with the latest treatment methods and techniques.

It goes without saying that the doctors at the Van Lennep Clinic place the highest priority on the safe execution of a treatment. In addition, they ensure a natural end result. Each client is given appropriate advice that suits the face and personal wishes.

The injectables that Van Lennep Kliniek uses are all from an A-brand. All injectables are completely organic fillers and are therefore not permanent. The clinic is in possession of an ultrasound machine, making the filler treatments with injectables even safer.

Various treatments with safe injectables

There are several treatments with injectables possible, we list a few:

  • Botox. This is by far the best known injectable. Botox causes the muscles to relax, making wrinkles less visible.
  • Lip filling. A lip filler with hyaluronic acid adds volume to the lips, preserves lip shape and enhances proper contours.  
  • Tear Gutter Filler. Get rid of puffiness and a tired look. The tear duct filler brings back the fresh and bright appearance in the eye area.

For all treatments we refer you to the website of Van Lennep Clinic. You can also use the website to make an appointment. Every first consultation is free.

Van Lennep Kliniek helps you to give back your fresh and young appearance.